Our Team


David's — Monument Square Location


kim smith — Service direction and General Manager

Kim Smith is a loving wife and mother of two. She has over 33 years experience in the restaurant business with 17 years at David's. 

As a server, Bartender, Hostess, Dining Room Manager and now General Manager, Kim has always lead by example with a tireless work ethic. As David’s longtime den mother, head cheerleader and staff spiritual consultant she leads with endless energy, personable relationships with her many regulars and her commitment and dedication to David’s constant improvement.

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Ian Yencha — Chef de Cuisine

Ian Yencha grew up folding pierogis every Christmas with one grandmother and picking fresh vegetables in the summers with the other. At 22 he resolved to quit school, learn how to cook on the job, and be a chef. When he wasn’t training under Portland’s abundance of talented chefs, he studied cookbooks and textbooks at home, always coming into work the next day with new ideas to try.
Now happily married, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Christie, and running around outside with his kids, Nora and Julian.

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Cordelia Davies — Sous Chef

Cordelia was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She studied English at San Francisco State University and was greatly inspired by the food culture in the Bay Area; primarily Asian and Latin Cuisine. She was also heavily influenced by her travels through Southeast Asia and South America, where she learned from the locals. She has been cooking professionally for ten years and lives in Portland with her partner and her dog.

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Michael GreenStreet — Sous Chef

Michael Greenstreet grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico cooking Southwestern staples in his Mother's kitchen.  His first job was washing dishes at a country club.  He quickly moved up the line, working in restaurants throughout high school and while getting his culinary degree in Colorado where he worked for Roy Yamaguchi.  Greenstreet then headed to New York City to be on the starting team of a new Roy's.  He ultimately helped open six restaurants in New York, including two for the Red Cat Group.  After a move towards bartending to focus on making music, he relocated to Maui, Hawaii with his wife, Karolyn.  There, he worked for Chef Mark Ellman to open Honu and Frida's Mexican Beach House, and run one of his older restaurants, Mala Ocean Tavern.  Chef "Street" loves his new home in Portland, Maine.  His spare time is mostly spent walking his chi-weenie around downtown and making delicious home brew.

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Lindsey Petersen — Bar Manager

Lindsey started her career in the food service industry at the age of 16 as a server in a retirement home. Since then she has dabbled in different tasks within restaurants and has finally landed on her passion as a bartender. As beverage manager, Lindsey enjoys learning more and more about the seemingly never-ending world of beer, wine and spirits, as well as the challenges of making classic and creative cocktails. Her favorite drink to make is a cosmo with a slight pink hue, and her favorite drink to indulge in is an extra dirty, bone dry, vodka martini with two olives. When you don't see the tall, blonde bartender at David's, she can be found at home reading, painting, or napping. 



David's 388


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Kelly Frederick — General Manager

Kelly feels right at home at David’s 388. It’s a cozy neighborhood restaurant that travelers seek out and where locals gather. She’s committed to working with her staff to provide David’s 388 patrons with a relaxing delicious dining experience in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. When she’s not working she enjoys impromptu dinner parties, helping others, tending to her gardens, growing prized poppies, X-C skiing, going on adventures with her husband John and playing hide and seek with her Maine Coon cat, Miss Cambria Moonstone.


tracy phillips maida — Chef de Cuisine

Chef Tracy is high energy, compassionate and filled with food common sense.  Schooled by life experience she has a natural sense for seasonality and flavor and takes her culinary cues from her own garden, about which she is deeply involved. As a natural and amazing baker her bread always rises higher than anyone elses!!!

A nine year veteran of David’s restaurants Chef Tracy has developed her own style and she loves to let the food speak for itself.

Look for Chef Tracy at brunch all the time and enjoy her delicious preparations, high energy and team spirit.

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Ian Paine — Sous Chef

Chef Ian is from the very scenic Maine mid-coast town of Castine.  He studied culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University in Providence,  Rhodes Island and moved to Portland in 2010 when he began cooking at David's 388.  He became sous chef in 2012.  
Ian is musical and plays the guitar well.  When he's not cooking or making music he will likely be seen sporting a mean set of chops out walking his dog or slow cooking meat at home.