Compliments of David’s Restaurants

Blueberry + Apple Pie


Yield: 1 pie



5 C Fresh Blueberries – Can use frozen also
1  Granny Smith apple –peel on and Grated - squeezed dry in a towel
1  Granny Smith apple– Peeled - ¼” dice - squeezed dry in a towel
Grated Zest and juice of 1 lemon
1 C sugar
¼ C quick cooking tapioca – powdered in spice grinder
¼ t ground cinnamon
½ t salt
2 T salted butter

Method of Preparation:

1. Place 3 cups of berries and sugar in  a mixing bowl and mash
2. Add remaining blueberries, diced and grated apples, lemon juice, zest, cinnamon, salt and tapioca – mix together gently.
4.  Pour blueberry/apple mix into prepared pie shell
5. Top with dots of butter
6.  Place top crust with vent slits, wholes or lattice
7.  Egg wash top
8.   Bake at 400 degrees for about 55 minutes

Cool to room temp at least several hours before cutting.

This pie will be moderately runny.  If you prefer to have a pie that holds a slice without running you can double the tapioca to ½ C.


This recipe is for personal use and enjoyment only.