Compliments of David’s Restaurants

Vegan Chipotle Quinoa Chili


Yield: 3 quarts





2 T Olive oil
1 Medium onion diced
2 T Chopped garlic
2 T Chili powder
1 T Cumin, ground

1 C Quinoa–well washed and drained
3 Medium ears corn —cooked on grill and cut  off the cob
1 Red peppers, diced
1 Green peppers, diced
1 15.5 oz. can Red kidney beans
1 15.5 oz. can black beans
1 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes
1 teaspoon to 1 T (depending on desired spiciness) chipotle in adobo—some of the seeds removed
1 T  Salt
1/2 T  Pepper
1/4 C maple syrup 



Method of Preparation:

  1. Cook onions in olive oil until tender, then add garlic
  2. Add cumin and chili powder
  3. Add remaining ingredients and bring up to simmer, cook until quinoa is tender
  4. Adjust seasoning – may need more salt and pepper and more maple syrup 



This recipe is for personal use and enjoyment only.